Frequently Asked Questions

Is It easy to fit the seat covers myself?

Inka seat covers have been specifically designed to suit our customers and allow easy fitting. As well as being straight forward to fit we include a detailed fitting guide with each cover to ensure any issues are avoided. No tools needed with our specialised GripX fitting system, this allows all covers to go directly over the original seats.

Can seat covers be used on seats with airbags?

Yes, we pay particular attention to all car or van safety measures as standard from the beginning of the design process. We take customer safety extremely seriously and any models of our Inka seat covers that are compatible with an airbag have been tested rigorously and adhere to all industry standard tolerances and practices. If you are thinking of purchasing a seat cover for an original airbag compatible seat, please ensure the Inka seat cover is stated as airbag compatible in the description or contact us if you are unsure.

Are Inka seat covers fitted?

Here at Inka we pride ourselves in supplying tailor made fitted seat covers to our customers. Each seat cover has been designed by expert automotive upholsterers to fit each vehicle seat snuggly, whilst maintaining style and durability. During our design process our seat covers are tested and altered to ensure our prototypes are of the highest quality and ready for production.

Are seat covers worth It?

Yes! There are several reasons it’s a good decision to purchase an inka seat cover. One of the top reasons is to retain the value of your vehicle, protect your original seats against any avoidable damage that could devalue your vehicle and cost you in the long run. Prevent wear and tear from any accidents or mishaps causing a potentially costly repair bill.

Give your car a truly unique style with our wide range of expertly designed seat covers, whether you want to add colour, restore a pristine interior by covering current wear or just fancy a brand-new look, our seat covers are an affordable alternative to a costly full car retrim.

Improve your original car or van seats interior comfort, our unique PadPlus technology adds additional padding to your seats. Inka seat covers are body hugging providing increased comfort for short and long journeys, ergonomic design aides good posture helping to avoid driving cramps and aches.

Add utility to your seats with our tailored made seat storage pockets, with added space in your car or van these are perfect for holidays, extended trips or everyday use to avoid loose items rolling around your vehicle.

Are seat covers good for Leather Seats?

As leather is a natural material it is extremely sensitive to its environment and can be vulnerable to excess heat and light found in vehicles. Inka seat covers offer the perfect solution to this by adding a protective layer to your seating and shielding them from the elements, preventing tears, cracks, dirt and harmful UV rays. Want to keep the leather look? Shop our Executive Range which features leatherette seat covers, like leather but easier to maintain.

Are seat covers safe for car seats?

Our seat covers create a protective layer on your vehicle upholstery protecting the seats from natural wear and tear from extended use, this includes damage from entering and exiting the car, from kids, pets and much more. Not only do our seat covers look great they also add to the structural rigidity of your seats providing additional support to vulnerable areas including the seat edges which are prone to damage. As well as protecting your seats Inka covers are easy to remove and wash, this ensures they remain pristine. If you are unsatisfied with your seat covers in any way please return them within 30 days for a full refund.

Can I use Inka Seat covers with heated seats?

Yes, All our covers are made from durable materials and are ideal for resisting high levels of heat and transferring heat effectively through to the vehicle passengers.

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